The perfect marriage (to me atleast): Food and music

10 04 2010

My friend Virginia hipped me to the new Dr. Martens campaign for their 50th Anniversary and I loved it so much that I wrote about it on Soundctrl’s blog.  The marriage of fashion and music is an organic fit for her, so it got me thinking about what I marry music to in my own life.  Simple answer:  food.

For anyone who knows me well enough, the only other thing I talk about besides music is food.  I can’t play an instrument, but I can cook.  And if you’ve been lucky enough, you’ve come over for one of my weekly pizza nights or other meals I cook for my friends.  My old buddy Josh had this to say about my mussels.

Last Tuesday, I had a few friends and family over my apartment for the first outdoor pizza night.  To signify the nice weather, Josh and his singer Tim came over to play a few songs on dual acoustic guitars.   After they finished playing, I could hear claps coming from other houses surrounding mine.  It was very encouraging that what I was doing was innovative and worth developing.  As a result, I plan on having Saturday afternoon concerts in my backyard over the summer.  Ideally, I plan on having them filmed and have the musicians cook the meal with me.  Who knows where the idea can go from there…maybe have guest chefs?  I’m excited!

Do you have any band suggestions???  Contact me ASAP.  Note:  the music doesn’t have to be unplugged in nature, but must be creatively adaptable to an unplugged environment.



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12 04 2010

Please post some photos from your next “get together”.

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