I’m MUCH more organized these days

13 04 2012

Don’t get me wrong.  There’s still a pile of clothes on my chair in my room.  However, when it comes to professional organization,  I’ve come a looooong way.  I came to realize this as I began planning the next FlashFWD awards for SoundCTRL.

For the past 3 weeks, I’ve had weekly meetings after work to plan the 3rd Annual FlashFWD awards.  I’ve been proud of my ability to set a timeline to work off of, formalize weekly agendas, sticking to them during the meetings, and creating actionable items/next steps between meetings.  This has made our small team more constructively creative (ie not having wacky ideas that can’t be executed or won’t add value to the show itself), more focused in a fluid manner (ie attacking tasks one by one), more able to make informed concrete decisions, and more accountable for tasks that need to be accomplished, so that we stay on track.

I have left each meeting like we’ve chopped away at the planning versus in the past where ideas are batted around the room with more questions asked than answers decided.  Personally, I feel great about the progress and I partially attribute this to my ability to be more organized.

SoundCtrl’s 2010 Internet Week Event

14 06 2010

Thursday was a blast.  My full recap is on the SoundCtrl blog.  However, I gotta give a big thanks to my friends Gabe, Vanessa, Hannah, Alex, Justin, Lisa, Jon (who also wrote this awesome guest post), Scott, Natalia, Julian, Michael, and David for coming out.  And another shout out to my neighbors Karri and Brian for making it too…it was quite the surprise.  I truly appreciate the support from all of you!!!

avner and tommy

photo by: Erica Gannett

My SXSW: Day 2

23 03 2010

With 3 hours of sleep from the night before, I was grumpy and delirious in the morning.  I showered, wrote some quick emails, grabbed a bagel to go, and packed my bag for a full day of meetings leading up to the FlashFwd event at night.

Walt giving a thumbs to the ridiculous quantity of bagels

The apartment I stayed in ended up being 3 miles outside of downtown Austin (but I couldn’t argue with the price I was paying), so I half-consciously hopped on the bus around 8:30PM with the realization I was going to be a few minutes late.  Little did I know, I went on the wrong bus and ended up 15 minutes in the wrong direction, so I ended up getting to my 9AM meeting at 9:45.  However, the best part was that the driver told me to pay him tomorrow because I didn’t have any singles on me.  That’s some southern hospitality.

Anyways, I got to Jesse’s hotel,  had a light breakfast, and we got to business discussing the production for the night’s event.  There was certainly a lot to take care of before we headed to the venue.  Me, Jesse, Emily, Tiff, and our intern/driver (who asked us to call her Cookie), headed to Cosco’s and Office Max for food and random supplies we needed while Matt lead the on site production until we got there.

By the time I got to the venue around 3:30PM or so, I was starving and dead tired.  The boxes of pizza on the bar settled my hunger and the nap on the couches from 4:00-4:15 temporarily energized me a bit.  I was ready for the event!

Next thing you know, 5:00PM rolled around and the FlashFwd winners started rolling in one by one, so it great to formerly meet all them since I had only exchanged emails and phone calls.  Most people started coming around 6:30ish, so we didn’t get the award ceremony going until 7:30PM, but you can find out more about it in the post I wrote for SoundCtrl’s blog since there’s no sense in rewriting the same thing over again.  However, I should mention one thing though–Philly’s Chiddy Bang (who played the event) was a lot better than some friends of mine said even though hip-hop without a live band is a huge pet-peeve of mine.

After the event, I grabbed dinner, headed back to the apartment with Walt and passsssssed out!  I needed it though because, as it turned out, Day 3 got prettttty crazy.

My SXSW: Day 1

22 03 2010

Spent the weekend in Philly to catch up on sleep and see some old friends, so I’m ready for a recap.

For the sake of brevity because I know people are busy, this picture and the list of bands I saw can explain the madness that was my week at SXSW…boarding passes, wrist bands, receipts, business cards, bus passes, drink tickets, and laminates.

Bands (note:  post on my Top 5 to come in the next few days):

  • White denim
  • 2AM club
  • Chiddy bang
  • Bastard Lovechild of Rock N Roll
  • Chasing Kings
  • We Were Promised Jetbacks
  • Hey Champ
  • Woodhands
  • Fanfarlo
  • Best Coast
  • Neon Indian
  • Local Natives
  • Lush Life
  • Boxer Rebellion
  • The Temper Trap
  • Dr. Dog
  • Broken Social Scene (with special guest Emily Hines from Metric)
  • Grandchildren
  • Le Loup

But for anyone who wants detail, please read on…

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SoundCtrl x SXSW = Rage

12 03 2010

Below is our official flyer for Flashfwd and it includes the RSVP info.  Also, please check out my post on the awesome winners:  Indaba Music, RockDex, Hype Machine, Jingle Punks, and Big Live.  BTW, I’m not leaking (just yet) who the guest performers are yet, but I gotta tell you that they’re pretty damn good.

And please hit me up if you’re in town.

FlashFwd Flyer

Billboard Music & Money Symposium

6 03 2010

On Thursday, I spent the whole day talking about $$$, meeting interesting people, and tweeting for SoundCtrl, so thanks a lot to Billboard for my free pass (valued at $1200)!!!  Also, I finally got to meet Alex White from Next Big Sound who I interviewed for SoundCtrl.  It’s always great putting a face to a voice.

Another one of those interesting people was Shefali Kumar who conceived and developed Emotitones.  Essentially, Emotitones is SMS text messages containing a 20 second clip of an actual song which is supposed to convey the emotion of the sender.  Anyways, I told Shefali about FlashFwd on around 3PM on Thursday afternoon.  She followed up with me on Friday afternoon around 4PM to say she started hustling for nominations and at 12:30AM she said she confirmed 50 nominations (note:  she ended with 54).  It’s that sort of dedication that drives a great idea into a successful execution.  Regardless if Emotitones is a winner, please please please check it out.

Expect an in depth post about the conference Monday morning on the SoundCtrl blog (UPDATE:  post is up).  In addition, we announce the Flashfwd winners on Monday afternoon!!!

Top 4 Pics from SoundCtrl’s Social Media Week event

4 02 2010

I’ll write a longer recap tonight on the SoundCtrl blog, but I thought I would share my favorite pics from the event last night that my friend Emily took (click for her other AMAZING pics).

One last thing:  we announced the FlashFwd program, so if you want a free trip to SXSW, please check it out here!!!


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