SoundCtrl’s 2010 Internet Week Event

14 06 2010

Thursday was a blast.  My full recap is on the SoundCtrl blog.  However, I gotta give a big thanks to my friends Gabe, Vanessa, Hannah, Alex, Justin, Lisa, Jon (who also wrote this awesome guest post), Scott, Natalia, Julian, Michael, and David for coming out.  And another shout out to my neighbors Karri and Brian for making it too…it was quite the surprise.  I truly appreciate the support from all of you!!!

avner and tommy

photo by: Erica Gannett

A very suitable analogy

28 04 2010

I was talking to my friend Jon on gchat a little while ago.  He recently had a meeting with a larger record label to develop iPhone apps for them.  It dawned on me that that behemoth did some house cleaning at one of its labels, so they could save money and spend it on innovative music tech companies such as the one Jon works for.  That made this analogy for the music industry come to mind (note – I completely made this up and is not based on an older analogy):

In the shipping industry, it’s the companies who invest in planes that make it through the drought.

So now the question is:  what is the plane for the music industry?

I’m looking for some new clients..anyone interested?

19 04 2010

I just got back from a 50 mile bike ride and got thinking.  Now that SXSW and a few other things are behind me, I’m looking to take on more clients for consulting.  “Consulting for what?”  Well that’s a good question.  Consulting for social media, creating and developing a YouTube music series, street team development and tips on self-managing it, writing newsletters and building the list, touring strategy, business plan editing for music tech startups…and the list goes on.

I don’t have set fees and spend a lot of working with the client to determine what works for his or her budget.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me to say hello and include as much of the following as you can:

  • Links to your web presence
  • 2 sentences about your music/company/idea
  • What sort of service(s) you are seeking?
  • Whether you live in New York or are going to be there anytime soon (not a deal breaker if you’re outside, but I like to meet in person at least once)

SoundCtrl x SXSW = Rage

12 03 2010

Below is our official flyer for Flashfwd and it includes the RSVP info.  Also, please check out my post on the awesome winners:  Indaba Music, RockDex, Hype Machine, Jingle Punks, and Big Live.  BTW, I’m not leaking (just yet) who the guest performers are yet, but I gotta tell you that they’re pretty damn good.

And please hit me up if you’re in town.

FlashFwd Flyer

People are making money, so don’t blaim the “recession”

23 09 2009

I get daily emails from, so when I read this article, I was struck by this particular quote: “Don’t blame the economy. Recession or no recession, if your small business is failing, it’s your fault.”

A band is a business, so an unknown band can be considered a small business, so treat it as such. How is it that Allison Weiss was able to raise $7,711 using Kickstarter? I had a chance to talk to the founder, Yancey Strickler, at the NY Music Tech Meetup last month and had a great time discussing the potential of Kickstarter for bands.

So if you’re not selling CD’s or concert tickets, you’re doing something wrong. Pay attention to your marketing and promotional efforts, see what could be done differently, and try something new. It can’t hurt because there’s no set formula for success anymore. Worse case scenario, you go back to what you were doing before, but at least you tried.

Be creative. Be bold. Make people give a shit about you.


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